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Beautiful Food: The Raymond's Salad of Forgotten Roots

During the past month I encountered some food almost too beautiful to eat. Food on a plate whose artistry I stared at for at least five minutes before breaking up the arrangement.

When I dug into this elegant and extraordinary Salad of Forgotten Root Vegetables at The Raymond Restaurant, it tasted as good as it looked. And that's saying something.


The menu simply describes it as "flowers, herbs and other neat stuff".

It's rare that I encounter a dish where upon sight and taste I can't figure out most of the ingredients.

Because these vibrant vegetables ranged from raw to compressed to fried to pickled, it kept me guessing.

From this detail you an see a slice of lotus root, a dainty pickled cauliflower, watermelon beet, red beet, a nasturtium leaf, turnip, radishes and toasted crumbs that look like pepper but offer a surprising crunch.


This salad, based on a classic French salad (whose name I am still searching for), with a glass of Prosecco makes a perfect start to the meal we enjoyed on the outdoor patio.


The salad also contained rutabaga, artichoke, carrot, a tomato peeled with skin arranged pointing up to resemble flour petals. It possibly included celeriac (celery root, parsnips

Each section offered its own set of flavors including dressings, herbs, sauces and crumbs.

I'd eaten at the charming Raymond, set in a historical Craftsman cottage in Pasadena, with the food being homey American food. Braised short ribs, a wonderful roasted chicken, etc.

Executive Chef Tim Guiltinan, influenced by molecular gastronomy master Chef Grant Achatz, blended this traditional vibe with a modern gastronomic flair. He's modernized the menu of classics in a creative way with such modern techniques.


My light and fresh entree consisted of Hand Harvested Scallops with a Champagne and vanilla sauce, grilled king trumpet mushrooms, white asparagus and cilantro.


And the perfect California meal ended with an unexpected dessert called Candy Shop, with malted milk cake, chocolate caramel, sponge candy and root beer ice cream.

As my additional also show a similar aesthetic and uniqueness, I can only say that I look forward to more exciting creations from this chef.

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