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Halloween - Mad Men's Joan Holloway for a Day

This year Halloween falls on a Monday and since I have a very full plate at work for the day, it probably won't involve costumes, parties and treats for me this time.

Yesterday while cleaning some old photo folders, I found these images, which serve as my instant and virtual "costume".

Basically I am a huge fan of AMC's Mad Men and all things mid-century. Knowing this, a couple of months ago my friend Chrissy took my photo and put me into JibJab's Mad Men Starring You, where one can cast themselves as Mad Men characters Don, Betty, Roger or Joan.

I loved it so much, I took a few screen shots of the minute-long video.

It's super fun to be Joan Holloway, played by the gorgeous and talented Christina Hendricks.

She plays Office Manager and Marilyn Monroe-esque femme fatale at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency.

When I was a child I always dreamed of being a red head, and still enjoy sporting the retro red lips that are very "Mad Men". I would not mind looking like her for a day.

It's fun to re-imagine ourselves once in awhile, or take a break from being us. 

Happy Halloween!!

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