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Recent Seafood Favorites

Many of my previous posts attest to the fact that I adore seafood. Over the past 6 months or so, I encountered a couple of truly inspiring and mouth watering preparations.

In short, here they are.

Beverly Hills Food and Wine Festival Oct13_Scratch Bar Green Mussel and Sea Urchin Sake Shooter

The Scratch Bar - Green Mussel and Sea Urchin Sake Shooter

This little shot glass holds a citrusy sake fluid and a skewer of green mussel, pickled onion and a touch of chili. They walk you through the fact that it's a two hand process to bite the mussel, drink the shot, then you get to scoop up a glorious mixture of sea urchin and avocado cream.

Trattoria Neopolis May13_i salmon crudo

Trattoria Neopolis - salmon crudo

I've been to this place a couple of times simply for this amazing couple of bites of salmon. It's sashimi grade rich, fatty salmon with a very refreshing citrus, herb, onion, olive oil seasonings. The fish is then sprinkled with sea salt crystals.

Trattoria Neopolis May13_f

Trattoria Neopolis May13_b

The setting is very charming as well, especially the front patio and the bar.

Cousins Maine Lobster Jun13_Connecticut Lobster Roll warmed butter lemon

Cousins Maine Lobster - Lobster Roll

East Coast style seafood "shacks" have definitely been in vogue in the LA dining soon this past year. But quite some time ago this place opened up a pop up restaurant in Pasadena, sharing the space with Live Mixx Lounge.

Their lobster rolls are juicy and naturally sweet. Sadly not too big, they are gone in a couple of bites.

Cousins Maine Lobster Apr13_front entrance

If you are a huge Shark Tank fan like me, you will know that this is one of the show's most successful funded businesses. If you don't mind enjoying freshly shipped Maine lobster in an odd "clubby" type atmosphere, this is much easier than chasing down their trucks or ordering online.

Daisy Mint spice catfish salad Aug13

Daisy Mint - Spicy Catfish Salad

Now my third Pasadena area recommendation kind of demonstrates how the area is coming into its own in terms of food. This salad is a knockout for catfish lovers.

Two generous fried catfish filets come tossed with julienned green apples, shallots, scallions, cilantro, heaps of cashews, in a spicy lime dressing. It hits ever flavor and texture. A jackpot dish!

Daisy Mint lunch Thai Lemon Tea Spicy Catfish Salad Tom Yung KaJul13

It washes down great with their Lemon Thai Tea, a great alternative to lactose sensitive Thai Ice tea lovers.

Koni Seafood Oct13

Coni'Seafood - just about everything!

Pictured from top, clockwise: Smoked Marlin Tacos (just like those in Baja California), shrimp in butter sauce, Ceviche marinero (with mangos and shrimp in Worcesteshire sauce)Camarones a la Diabla, shrimp Aguachiles.

You can really live out all your shrimp fantasies here, in this Mexican seafood paradise in Inglewood, with so many delicious takes on it. The butter rice, chips and tortillas are even top notch as is their famous Pescado Zarandeado (grilled Snook fish).

Sushi Roku Oct13_deluxe chirashi a

Sushi Roku - Chirashi Premium bowl (lunch only)

What is any seafood roundup without sashimi? This gorgeous bowl is off menu and served only during lunch. In fact we had to ask the Manager for it. It is pricey but worth it. The edible flowers add so much beauty to the captivating bowl including fresh fish such as bluefin tuna, toro, Scottish salmon, amberjack, sea bream, sea urchin, marinated salmon roe, tamago, shrimp, octopus and snow crab leg.

Sushi Roku Oct13_deluxe chirashi b

This well seasoned cucumber slice shows off their stunning knife work, and the sushi rice is perfect. It was one of the only times I finished all the rice in my bowl and wanted more. Surprisingly good for my expectations in a corporate style restaurant.

These local standouts demonstrate a small sampling of seafood bounty around town. What are your recent favorites?