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A Day at the Races - Santa Anita Park

Despite living quite close to Santa Anita Park, until a couple of months ago, I'd never been to the horse racetracks. I'm not much of a gambler.

In early October, my friend Chrissy reserved a club box at this beautiful racetrack in Arcadia, complete with a short lesson on reading the form and betting. On top of that, they were hosting a food truck festival in the infield.

A couple of us enjoyed the very warm ladies' day out and it was another great excuse to take photos of the gorgeous horses and park grounds.



Santa Anita Oct11_a entrance

Santa Anita Oct11_b interior

Santa Anita Oct11_q horse statue

Food from infield:
Santa Anita Oct11_d food Maui Wowie iced kona coffee
iced Kona coffee from Mauie Wowie
Santa Anita Oct11_c food Lobsta Truck lobster roll
Lobsta Truck - lobster roll with butter
Santa Anita Oct11_f food Waffles de Liege waffles with Speculoos
Waffles de Liege - Belgian Liege waffle with Speculoos
Race Track & Horses:

Santa Anita Oct11_g horse a

Santa Anita Oct11_i horses out of gates

Santa Anita Oct11_n horses c

Santa Anita Oct11_j horses a

Santa Anita Oct11_o horse d

Santa Anita Oct11_m track horses

Santa Anita Oct11_k horses d

Santa Anita Oct11_l horses e

Placing Bets:

Santa Anita Oct11_v Chrissie odds

Santa Anita Oct11_w placing bets

Santa Anita Oct11_y ladies with hats

Santa Anita Oct11_x horses bets

The paddock:
Santa Anita Oct11_p sign

Santa Anita Oct11_r horse b

Santa Anita Oct11_s paddock a

Santa Anita Oct11_t paddock b

Santa Anita Oct11_ta horse with horseshoe

Santa Anita Oct11_tb horse with jockey

Santa Anita Oct11_h horse e

Santa Anita Oct11_u horses track boxes







2 Responses to “A Day at the Races - Santa Anita Park”:

  1. Unknown says:

    Love it! Good stuff Wasima. I'm reading Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand now. Great book and I want to go the track again. ;o)

  2. Thank you! I loved my photo with Sea Biscuit statue from this same day. Am ready to go back minus the heat of last visit.

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