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End of Summer in the Garden

With daylight savings, my time in the garden gets cut back drastically. It's fully dark by the time I get home. Growing slows down. I limit myself to light maintenance and watering.

During the summer, it was a different story. This post covers the whole summer's garden activity, until about mid-October.

All in all a fairly high yield of plants bloomed despite the heat mid-summer.

house yard summer11 black mondo
black mondo
The black mondo with its adorable lavender blooms is something I chose for my large, new redwood planter. I hope it spreads sideways.

house yard summer11 sensitive plant a
sensitive plant
house yard summer11 sensitive plant b
sensitive plant
Sensitive plant definitely reminds me of childhood, because I'd play with them at my grandparent's home.

When you touch the leaves, as I'm doing on the 2nd photograph, the leaves close up.

They don't last long so I'm trying to plant it into the ground, hoping it will spread and grow a bit.

house yard summer11 asparagus fern new bloom

The asparagus fern thrives in sun or shade, little watering or through rain. This new, yellowish leaf sprouted and eventually turned green. 

This one may also eventually live in the redwood planter since it can tolerate shade.

house yard summer11 sea drift
sea drift and verbena
This cute sea drift didn't last long but looked cute while it lasted. I'll try this one again next time they return to the nurseries.

house yard summer11 marigold

I use these marigolds to plant around my tomatoes and eggplants, as they serve as a natural, organic pest and animal repellant. 

house yard summer11 new hydrangea

This hydrangea started growing from a branch cutting. Due to the shade in this spot, it grows slowly but surely.

house yard summer11 dahlia
I didn't expect the dahlia to bloom in late summer and fall, but it quickly sprouted up, rested on the adjacent lemon tree and bloomed.

house yard summer11 orange daisies

house yard summer11 succulent a

house yard summer11 succulent b

My neighbor gave me cuttings of these succulents, which grow beautifully year round, it seems.

house yard summer11 succulent pots

These shallow pots with mismatched, glazed saucers work well for starting off various succulents as well. 

I combined several plants that grew in smaller pots.  It will be fun to watch how they grow into each other as the plants get larger.

house yard summer11 ice plant
ice plant
house yard summer11 Walnut cactus flower

house yard summer11 lime
green, unripe guava
house yard summer11 eggplant from seed
rosa bianca eggplant, growing from seeds
house yard summer11 eggplant
Japanese eggplant
house yard summer11 green tomatoes
green, unripe tomatoes
house yard summer11 shamrock mint
mint and shamrock
house yard summer11 lemon cucumber
lemon cucumber
I bought this lemon cucumber plant from the Hollywood Farmer's Market. While it got bigger and bloomed several times, in the pot, the plant then dried up again. Still waiting for the cucumbers.

house yard summer11 curry leaves

My curry plant grew a new floor or two! After a long period of shock, it's great to see the plant getting larger and healthier.

house yard summer11 purslane
Purslane appeared on its own in the yard and in some of the potted plants. With such graceful leaves, I let them grow wherever they'd like. It's always fun to have edibles to pick as well.

house yard summer11 new ivy

house yard summer11 ivy on red curb

Ivy can never get accused of not being fertile. I've tried to eliminate the ivy from the front planter and side slope from day one, but it grows back in any little spot it can wedge itself into.

house yard summer11 trellis a
new trellis - at planting
house yard summer11 trellis f
trellis after 3 months - with Black Eyed Susan vines
The hefty trellis came up to serve as a makeshift screen against the neighbors' sewage pipes, storage area and den of coyotes! 

Once again, in the shade, it's amazing how fast the sweet little Black Eyed Susans are filling in. The trick is to disentangle them from the neighboring bushes because they do tend to overtake everything in their way.

house yard summer11 trellis e

I'm grateful for all this activity as it gets colder, and plan to post another update for the next season or two.

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