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Strangely Delicious Foods - 85°C's Squid Ink Bread

It's hard to imagine eating a coal-black piece of food, and enjoying it. Recently I tried to convince a friend to try 85°C Bakery Cafe's pitch black squid ink rolls.

85 Degrees Oct11_calamari stick bread 1

She stared at it for a long time, then took a leaf of faith and tried it, then liked it. They came warm and fresh right out of the oven when we arrived, so chances were they'd be great.

 These rolls taste very lightly of squid, mostly of garlic, due to the wonderful garlic mixture spread on top.

85 Degrees Oct11_calamari stick bread 2

The inside contains a surprise treat of a light amount of white cheddar cheese.

Despite the heavy black look, they are light as air. In fact I jokingly compared them to molecular gastronomy Chef Jose Andres' famous "air bread" creation, which is crispy on the outside and hollow on the inside. and filled with aged cheddar sauce.

carrot on fork Oct 11

Once I got home with my box of these goodies among many others, I balanced out the treats by enjoying some fresh and colorful grilled vegetables.

 These treats show one of the many reasons I enjoy 85°C so much. You can read about my other favorites at this bakery on my previous 85°C post, by clicking on this link.

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  1. I'm definitely a believer now. I wasn't sure when I first saw it, but man, oh man, it was good. :)

  2. pleasurepalate, wouldn't one of those rolls hit the spot again right about now?

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