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What Inspires You?

When Thanksgiving comes each year it gives us all a chance to express gratitude and be content for what we have and what we are. Finding the good parts of all situations helps me cope with anything that's going on.

 It is the little things that count most. In my life this past year I've encountered many little inspirations just sitting at my desk and looking out the window.

The view changes depending on time of day and the weather conditions. 

What I noticed is that the same little creatures come to visit on a daily basis. Some of them peck on my window, or if I'm outside, flew right toward me to face me head on, in a friendly way.

I recognized and welcomed them as they added a peaceful continuity to the hustle and bustle of daily living.

After more than a year of this view, along with my daily visitors, still takes my breath away.

My view on a clear day
green hummingbird loves the rock purslane
blue jay
blue jay
bird on electrical wire
house yard summer11 grasshopper
grasshopper eating eggplant leaf
house yard summer11 dragonfly a
house yard summer11 dragonfly c

house yard summer11 dragonfly b
house yard summer11 bee in rosemary a
bee on rosemary bushes
house yard summer11 bee in rosemary b
bee on rosemary
house yard summer11 spider
rainy day
cloudy sunset
fireworks on 4th of July
dusk with setting sun
dramatic sunset
house view Oct11_sunset clouds a
sunset with clouds
house view Oct11_sunset clouds b
sunset with clouds
street Alta Vista Circle in fog Oct11
my street in the morning
plant growing from cracks in the concrete

Finding inspiration right in my own home is a gift that I cherish. I hope you seek and find your small gifts in life too. Happy Thanksgiving!

"We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars." - Oscar Wilde

2 Responses to “What Inspires You?”:

  1. Zeenat says:

    Fantastic , Wasima ! A very good way to Thank .... We forget that every little things can make us so happy around us , but we just ignore to Thank God for it . I appreciate your photographs as you enjoyed it with me ..

  2. We all get a chance to appreciate the people around us too. Thanks for your kind comments!

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