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Peacocks Roaming at the Arboretum

It's been a blur from spring to summer this year. Back in April I attended a very informative Sustainable Gardening workshop at the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden in Arcadia. 

It covered everything from invasive plants to "boutique compost" (with lavender and other fragrant herbs) to hybrid and heirloom fruits to native, low or even no maintenance landscape design.

The workshop took place shortly before the redesigned Garden for All Seasons was to open. Both the 
workshop and the public garden demonstrating sustainable practices really appeals to many gardeners.

Arboretum Arcadia Apr12_peacock 5

Arboretum Arcadia Apr12_peacock 1

Arboretum Arcadia Apr12_peacock 3

Arboretum Arcadia Apr12_peacock 4

Both before and after the 4+ hour workshop, I strolled the gardens and enjoyed the beautiful peacocks that roam all over the Arboretum.

Arboretum Arcadia Apr12_Queen Anne Cottage from lake

The visit would not be complete without visiting the historic, charming Queen Anne Cottage and Coach Barn, also on the grounds. This is the cottage from across the lake.

Arboretum Arcadia Apr12_Queen Anne Cottage front

The cottage, an excellent example of Queen Anne style architecture.

Arboretum Arcadia Apr12_Queen Anne Cottage tower

fantasy-island Western Seattle Funblog
Photo from West Seattle Funblog
It has appeared on several films and television shows, including the opening credits of the 1970-80s TV show Fantasy Island, where the character Tattoo can be seen ringing the bell in the cottage tower while Mr. Roarke exits from it.

Arboretum Arcadia Apr12_peacock 7

This one even loudly called out to me when I passed by without stopping to admire them posing among the foliage.

Arboretum Arcadia Apr12_peacock 9

On the way out one of the peacocks hovered near the entrance, seemingly unsure of whether to go back in.

Arcadia Peafowl feeding sign Apr12

Upon leaving the gardens I turned into a side street to turn the car around and noticed this unusual sign about feeding the local birds (Peafowl).

They do seem to leave their grounds from time to time. One morning I saw an escapee peacock in my car rearview mirror, on a busy street during rush hour!

They sure are beautiful and enjoy being admired.

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