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Last Days of Foie Gras at Petrossian

Petrossian West Hollywood also hosted a Farewell to Foie Gras menu by Chef Giselle Wellman, during the month of June.

Petrossian Jun12_a Farewell to Foie Gras Menu Exec Chef Giselle Wellman

Petrossian Jun12_b hibiscus sparklerI've never had anything short of a delightful experience at this elegant French boutique and restaurant, from their caviar, smoked salmon at the boutique to everything on the menu.

This elegant menu consisted of very refined courses.

It's hard to go wrong when starting with their Hibiscus Champagne, including rhubarb syrup and a candied hibiscus flower.

The 1st course, a Summer Berry Gazpacho, arrived, a bowl of Harry's Berries, pickled beets, croutons and micro greens. The star of the bowl, Armagnac poached foie gras came in creamy cubes.

Petrossian Jun12_c summer berry gazpacho armagnac poached foie gras pickled beets harrys berries

The server poured tableside a small pitcher of the gazpacho into the bowl. The fresh fruits enhanced the foie cubes well.

Petrossian Jun12_d asparagus salad black summer truffles little gem baby lettuce truffle jus vinaigrette foie gras ravioli

The 2nd course, Asparagus Salad, with black summer truffles, little gem baby lettuce, truffle jus vinaigrette provided again very complementary elements to the  foie gras ravioli. The asparagus slivers sat neatly piled below the ravioli. 

With ingredients like this, it's hard to figure out the 'star' of the plate.

Petrossian Jun12_e seared foie gras cherries mint pistachios

Petrossian Jun12_f seared foie gras cherries mint pistachios

The star of the 3rd course of Seared Foie Gras left no question. I am a sucker for seared foie and this version with cherries on top, pistachios crumbled below and a sight hint of mint really hit many parts of the palate.

Petrossian Jun12_g prime flat iron foie gras onion fines herbs fresno chili

The sheer size of the 4th course, a full entree size, intimidated us. Where is the foie on the Prime Flat Iron? In a thick, luscious sauce below the sliced steak. A buried treasure just barely peeking out.

The tender steak came to life with a mushroom duxelle, micro greens, onions, fines herbes and a surprising pop of Fresno chili.

Petrossian Jun12_h foie gras ice cream brioche rasberry jam sea salt honey

After that enormous steak I thought that dessert needed to be a knock out to make me want to have another bite.

5th course, a decadent Foie Gras Ice Cream, sitting in a tiny bowl with a thin slice of brioche, raspberry jam, and drizzles of sea salt and honey blew me away.

The ice cream, not too cold, very creamy surprised me by not being too sweet. Most of the sweetness came from the honey and jam.

I wasn't sure whether I should make a little ice cream sandwich or not, but opted to just break bits of the bread with my spoon for each bite of the ice cream. If given a second chance, I'd go in with my hands!

I never expect dessert to impress me much, and usually they don't. This exceptional ending to a delightful meal will go down in foie history.

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  1. Terence says:

    Very awesome and delicious food.

  2. I agree, Terence. Petrossian definitely brings a high level of taste and elegance to any meal. Thanks for reading.

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