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Last Days of Foie - All Time Favorites

Finally this foie series (and saga) ends with my favorite foie gras dishes in L.A., past and present.

The photos can speak for themselves so I will keep my commentary brief.

1. foie gras, biscuit, maple sausage gravy - at Animal

From the first time I tried this decadent masterpiece years ago to this one in June, it's hard to beat. Look at the gold maple syrup floating on top of everything.

2. foie gras, eggplant, soy reduction - at Orris

Much to my sadness, they stopped serving this item in January of this year, several months before the restaurant closure and foie gras ban took effect.

Not only was it a stellar dish, at $15, it probably was the least expensive plate of its kind for the high quality.

Orris Jan10_foie gras eggplant soy reduction

3. foie gras terrine, blackberry jam, black pepper gastrique - at Animal (Noticing a pattern? I do love Animal.)

4. Bobo Farms Foie Gras, apple rosemary butter, caramelized cippolini, molasses toast - at Hatfields

My true favorite was their Pain d'Epice Crusted Foie Gras (crusted in gingerbread), but this stunning concoction offers similar flavors. 

The wafery, crispy 'toast' is divine with a bite the seared foie. I especially love palate cleansing green apple, vege, herb, lemony slaw on the side. 

The onions and sauces are not necessary in my opinion, though they do not detract from the core flavors.

Hatfields Jun12_b Bobo Farms Foie Gras apple rosemary butter caramelized cippolini molasses toast

Hatfields Jun12_c Bobo Farms foie gras

5. foie gras, green beans, walnuts, truffle vinaigrette - at Petrossian

The plating alone is other-worldly with a taste to match. I've never seen green beans diced so finely and in uniform bits.

Petrossian DineLA 09_foie gras green beans walnuts truffle vinaigrette 2

Petrossian DineLA 09_foie gras green beans walnuts truffle vinaigrette 1

Petrossian DineLA 09_steak tartare caviar 2Although it's not foie, the Steak Tartare Caviar also dropped my jaw with its exquisite appearance and plating (so I'll throw it in).

And that is leaving out their perfect smoked salmon plate with large caper berries and mushroom cappuccino (from their earlier menu).

Many of my favorite foie dishes are by Chef Ludo Lefebvre. Since I covered most of them on this post, I won't be redundant here.

6. The foie gras croque monsieur probably wins it among those stellar dishes at Ludo Bites.

7. Foie Gras Donut at Umamicatessen's & a,

This probably isn't a strong favorite, but I'll give them some props for creativity and making these donuts to order.

I learned from Food Critic Jonathan Gold's review that the "forest berry'' jelly comes from Robert Lambert, artisanal jam and condiment maker with a cult following. Gold feels the foie gras mousse gets thrown in to justify the cost of the jelly in this donut.


My only issue with this was how separate each component is inside the donut. It makes it hard to get that perfect bite, especially if you are sharing it with others. Perhaps that is the elusive quality of this donut that charms people.

Recently various news sources reported that Hot's Restaurant Group, some foie gras producers, such as Hudson Valley Foie Gras, claim the ban is "unconstitutional, vague and interferes with federal commerce laws." For now it remains to be seen how the ban will play out.

Until things evolve, we have our precious culinary memories.

2 Responses to “Last Days of Foie - All Time Favorites”:

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kali Dining is hosting an all foie dinner soon? 1/2 lb of foie per person. Petrossian's chef + Whist's chef are hosting foie pop-up as well. In addition to that OC joint still being "foie & proud", there are still plenty of foie stashes in LA if you look hard enough...

    Petrossian's foie prep is one of my fave's in the city. Just simple torchon style sitting on some greens. They also just serve the foie/truffle pate w/o accoutrements.

  2. sinosoul, Great tips. I knew foie would still be around, but it was fun experiencing the chefs around town pushing their creative boundaries to provide such memorable dishes. I'm sure that will still be the case.

    Thanks for reading and for your insightful comments.

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