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Spring Garden - Roses

The final featured spring plant is the magical rose, my very favorite. These perennials, symbols of love and beauty, have been cultivated for thousands of years and come in hundreds of varieties.

The roses in my garden are strictly old school - large, fragrant and pure. They smell intoxicatingly sweet and last more than a week once cut and put into vases.

They symmetry of this perfect white rose blows my mind. The photo is un-retouched.

Roses are a favorite photography subject for me due to the vibrant colors and daily changes in shape and state of bloom.

This particular compact rosebud grows in a lovely, dusty red color of which the camera does not do justice.

When the rose reaches its full corolla, it looks like a painting.

This multicolored rose also blooms in a gold bud, a color I've never seen. Pink spots fleck the edges of the bud.

When it blooms, it partially turns lavender. One can still see the pistils and stamens at the center of these roses, something you don't see in modern greenhouse hybrid varieties.

As this beauty begins to fade, it turns yet a deeper lavender.

Yellow roses convey a cheerful note and always have been dear to me.

This rose opens up to resemble a tissue paper flower that you have to almost touch to believe it's real. It's very dense with petals.

The Double Delight varieties of white and pink display a rare beauty.

It's been said thousands of times, but in closing nothing but William Shakespeare's immortal words, through Juliet, can summarize a rose's splendor:

    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose. 
By any other name would smell so sweet."

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