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More Spring Garden Blooms

Somehow summer is here, but I'm still celebrating spring. I took photos of what's in bloom all spring and decided to do a series on the plants in the garden. The goal is 1 post per day or more.

This is a new bloom from seed. I currently don't remember what it was so it shall remain a mystery.

Even during construction at home, flower vines are popping up out of cracks in the concrete, in a neglected area of the yard.

Irises grown from bulbs.

This gorgeous burgundy pelargonium grows these tiny flowers, then forms a cluster.

Two colors of Black Eyed Susans appeared on my first post on spring blooms, but they are cute enough for an encore.

The daisy tree continues it's growth and remains full of flowers and buds.

Even in a shady spot.

This new asparagus foxtail fern adorns the deck. A friend told me they survive no matter what. My plants rarely get neglected but the sturdy ones are much appreciated.

The verbena usually likes full sun, yet they are also thriving in a diffused light spot.

I love, love, love California Poppies. They rarely survive being transplanted so I've grown mine from seed.

Bees are almost always buzzing around these basil flowers. And I welcome them so they can pollinate other plants.

This little chocolate sunflower bloomed in no time.

I thought sunflowers were a 1-flower deal, but 3 offshoot little ones grew around it.

Mexican sage, one of my new loves. They attract hummingbirds.

And the velvety flowers are great for cutting and putting into vases.

Two Sea Thrifts recently went into the ground. I have a strange fascination for pom pom shaped things, and these upright flowers are so sweet.

The first hibiscus grew on this tiny plant. We often take them for granted. This is my tribute to Hawaii, one of my favorite places on earth.

Stay tuned for more themed garden posts. This was a warm up.

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