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Spring Garden - Edibles

So I've often heard that tomatoes are the gardener's gateway drug. As a child I used to eat tomatoes like apples. And even now just can't get enough of them.

Years of hesitation passed, because I didn't want to deal with the critters and pests that come with growing produce.

However, about 3 years ago I made the transition from just flowers to tomatoes. And with a summer salad of tomatoes like these, why not?

I plant marigolds around them to deter pests, the organic way.

Because of all the rain and overcast days, this year's crop definitely displayed quality over quantity.

This spring I also branched out to the more exotic and started a bitter melon vine, a tropical vine wildly popular in Asia. I grew up eating these veges regularly..

The yard has plenty of buzzing bees, so quite a few flowers got successfully pollinated through no effort of my own.

As well as bearing one of my favorite vegetables, the leaves and plant are quite graceful.

I'm just waiting for these darlings to grow.

This spring I attempted two types of eggplants - Japanese and Rosa Bianca (from seeds).

Eggplants are hands down my favorite vegetable due to their versatility.

It began with a delicate lavender bloom.

Which grew to flower.

Then a tiny eggplant began growing.

It's almost ready for picking.

Most of the time I grow Thai chili peppers to satisfy my cravings for heat. However, this Spring I also planted Serranno chilies, which pack a lot of heat, but not as much as the Thai chilies.

Squash blossoms are a favorite cooking ingredient for me. Both the blossoms and the large zucchinis are as easy to grow as tomatoes and very prolific.

There are other vegetable and fruit plants in progress now, so stay tuned for future updates.

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