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Mo Better Burgers is Still Mo Better

As far as food goes, I don't usually get too nostalgic about the past because there is so much in the present to discover and taste. Over the years each time I had one of the fancy, designer burgers in town, I kept thinking back to my former favorite.

Mo Better Burger Oct13_burger a

It was then called Mo Better Meatty Meat Burger. What a great name, isn't it? I love the redundancy. 

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Back in the day I used to live in the area of the original location, off of Fairfax & Pico in L.A. The white stand with neon sign always had a line and nobody could try it without becoming a regular customer.

They were known for their quality of meat and produce as well as their very popular veggie burger.

Mo Better Burger Oct13_a

A couple of months ago I drove down La Brea and saw a sign in a strip mall for Mo Better Burgers. I wondered, could it be?

Yes, it was. A quick web search later I found out the beloved burger was back! Apparently the original founder's daughter, Eve Fouche, is part of this glorious comeback. Evidently they use an organic angus chuck blend, organic turkey and non-GMO produce.

Because I no longer live in the neighborhood and they close relatively early in the evening, I tucked this idea in the back of my head.

Well yesterday at work, we successfully completed a large and long term project. As a celebration, I drove past my old apartment (my first one after college). It happened to be 4 blocks away from Mo Better Burgers.

Mo Better Burger Oct13_b

I couldn't resist going in and having a taste. There was just 15 minutes before I had to meet a friend so I reigned myself in and had the small 3" burger without fries. From what I remember their seasoned fries also delivered.

Mo Better Burger Oct13_d

I used to enjoy it with raw onions, but since I had to be somewhere I went for the grilled. And even though I don't eat much dairy anymore, I had to go for a slice of cheddar for old times' sake.

Mo Better Burger Oct13_c

It tasted just like I remembered. Just a great, finely seasoned burger, as you can see from the multiple spice tins by the grill. Always made fresh to order, the meat gets grilled in its own juices.

The veges are fresh and crisp, not the limp and processed stuff you get at a fast food joint. The potato bun is light and fluffy giving it just the right ratio of meat to veges to bun. One of the few burgers where I do not have to remove one of the buns nor add more meat to taste it.

Mo Better Burger Oct13_burger b

Although perfect as is I usually add a few shakes of their house made hot sauce which also tastes uniquely flavorful. After my first bite I regretted getting the smaller size.

The clientele seemed to consist of regulars and each person who walked in after me was greeted by name. It's a wonderful touch you do not see much these days.  They asked me how I heard of the place and greeted me by name when I left.

There is a special Magic Johnson burger on the menu, as well as his signed memorabilia throughout the store as well as mementos of the earlier burger stand.

I cannot wait to go back for another nostalgic bite.

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