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Gourmet Cobbler Factory

Even though we haven't seen true autumn weather in Southern California, this time of year it's hard to avoid the fall temptations.The other day I had an hour to kill before a volunteer assignment, had to eat something and was not ready for dinner.

I drove by the Gourmet Cobbler Factory and remember hearing several recommendations for it in the past. Fruit pies are very dear to me and this sounded like a great afternoon snack.

I'm not sure what the difference is between a pie and cobbler. Possibly it has something to do with the crust - no crust on the bottom of a cobbler? Either way, they both taste great and hit the spot.

Gourmet Cobbler Factory Oct13_peach cobbler a

The shop has a really casual, local vibe, not to mention the welcoming sight of mini sweet potato and mini pecan pies. It appeared that most of their orders were for large cobblers but they do have "singles", which could easily feed two people. Service was prompt, friendly and no nonsense.

Gourmet Cobbler Factory Oct13_peach cobbler b

This cobbler did have a very thin crust at the bottom, brimmed with fruit slices and the filling was a bit on the runny side. It was like the most awesome peach soup in a way. They serve the cobbler a la mode as well if desired.

Gourmet Cobbler Factory Oct13_peach cobbler c

The fact that the cobblers had just come out of the oven and were warm in the center made me giddy. In fact, they were expected to stay warm for over an hour. Not that I knew because I dug in within minutes.

Just another great example of a neighborhood gem doing what they do just perfectly.

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