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Quick Stop in San Francisco - The Ferry Building

During my periodic business trips to Northern California, it's usually a packed day trip with the same routine of day flights, meetings in the office and flight back home.

Every now and then there is some downtime, or I specifically work in time to visit local friends or just enjoy the Bay Area. 

Boccalone Jan12_e Ferry Building view

One of my favorite detours involves taking the BART (subway) straight to San Francisco's Embarcadero waterfront neighborhood by the San Francisco Port and strolling around. The Ferry Building invariably becomes my first stop. 

On a recent visit I stopped at 
Boccalone, celebrity Chef Chris Cosentino's artisanal salumi, or Italian cured meats, shop.

Boccalone Jan12_a sign

Boccalone Jan12_b case

One of their signature offerings is their Mixed Salumi Cone. For $3.50 you can try their choice of thinly sliced meats served in a portable, paper cone, or you can pay a couple more dollars and choose your own fillings.

Boccalone Jan12_c salumi cone

Boccalone Jan12_d porchetta

When I arrived they were slicing up this very intricately rolled Porchetta di Testa, which they also make in house in small batches.

The Ferry Building also hosts a farmer's market, but even if the market is not open, there are numerous high quality cheese, produce, seafood, bakery and other types of shops.

Ilaria dinner Jan12_a parmigiano regiano

Ilaria dinner Jan12_b parmigiano regiano

Ilaria dinner Jan12_c tomato salad

If you get tired of walking and eating, he back of the building contains several indoor and outdoor tables for picnicking on the fly.

With all these colorful choices, the Ferry Building always tops my list of places to stop by with only a couple of hours in San Francisco.

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