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Five Guys Burgers and Fries

About a year ago I noticed many people discussing Five Guys and how great they are. Five Guys originated in the metropolitan DC area in the mid-1980s and year after year remains rated as top burger in the area.

Both locations closest to me are about a 1 hour drive and I don't eat burgers often, so I kept it in the back of my mind as something to try but not to lose sleep over.

Labor Day weekend, my family spent it together in the San Diego area and one of my goals for the weekend became having a meal there.

As the picture shows, it doesn't disappoint. It's a juicy burger with high quality ingredients that tastes like someone who knows what they're doing just grilled one up fresh for you.

Their principles include using fresh ground beef of known origin, no freezers on the premises, peanut oil for cooking, no trans fats. Everything tasted uber-fresh, including the tomato.

While the bun's lightness appealed greatly, and did not overshadow the burger, I'd have preferred it more toasted and warmed up.

These babies come wrapped in foil with numbers on them corresponding to each custom order. Topping choices (free with burger purchase) include:

  • Mayo / Relish / Ketchup / Mustard / Bar-B-Q Sauce / A.1.® Steak Sauce / Hot Sauce
  • Onions / Lettuce / Tomatoes / Pickles / Jalapeno Peppers / Green Peppers 
  • Grilled Onions / Grilled Mushrooms 

You can get creative as the possibilities are endless.

The fries, cooked in pure peanut oil, come regular or Cajun style. Fantastic!

A huge box (with the date brought in) of peanuts in the shell are there to be scooped up while you wait for your order.

The store proudly displayed signs stating where the day's potatoes came from alone with quotes such as "Will Wonkas of Burgercraft", "...as perfect as french fries get" and "The Best $5 Burger For The Money".

I wondered why the inevitable comparisons to In-N-Out Burger abound? Well, look at the place! All red and white, friendly service, burgers cooked on flat top in open kitchen.

Both are tasty, but for the price of about $5 each, these burgers take it a notch higher. In-N-Out holds precious lifelong memories for me, so it's still strong in my book. No comparison, will go to both!

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4 Responses to “Five Guys Burgers and Fries”:

  1. Val says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "In-N-Out holds precious lifelong memories for me" - as a transplant who has lived in New England and Texas for long stretches, I find that to be true in many places. Moving here, I couldn't see what the big deal was with In N Out was (and prefer Five Guys), but I'm sure once the first Dunkin Donuts opens in the L.A. area natives will say the same thing. I guess it's not always about taste - sometimes, it's just what we grew up with. Of course I'm secretly grinning that there's a 5G opening a block away from where I work...

  2. Andi? says:

    I still prefer In-N-Out burgers, but Five Guys cajun fries are very tasty.

  3. Val, many of our food memories shape the things we like to go back to. One day I was craving the Rite-Aid (formerly Thrifty) ice cream. It isn't exactly Bulgarini, but that's what we ate as kids and it feels right.

  4. Andi, I think burgers and fries preferences are very personal and like different aspects of each of these. Can't really compare.

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