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So. Cal. Spring Garden Show

In April I went for the first time to the 22nd Annual Spring Garden Show, at South Coast Plaza in Orange County. My friend, Robert, who is a plant guru to me recommended it as the best local show.

Moorish Flourishes in a Contemporary Garden - Orange Coast College Horticulture Club

It had over a dozen landscape garden exhibitions prepared by landscape designers and architects. With over 75 specialty plant vendors, seminars and events, there was a lot to do.

I primarily bought plants and took photos, so much that I couldn't find my friend there as my eyes were all on the merchandise. Here are the highlights.


This plant catches insects in it's pitchers, but I found these flowers irresistible.




Fairy Duster:

This vendor carried California native plants. I picked up some Coral Bells from them.


These flowers were so big and beautiful, I had to touch them to believe they were real.


One of my favorites with their intoxicating fragrance. I've planted half a dozen bulbs which are mostly all sprouting this spring.

Poppies and verbena:

Two of the many delicate flowers from the English Cottage Garden booth.


Violets starter kits, various types.

White lilacs:

Sweet purple blooms - unsure of name:

Sweet orange blooms - unsure of name:

The coloring reminds me of candy corn.




Staghorn fern:

Green foliage:

Huge tropical bean pods from Thailand:

These pods can actually be broken and planted!

Blue Imperial Plume cactus:


Robert's promise was that you will always find something you've never seen at this show. Very true. There were many kinds of beauty and inspiration.

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