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Spring Garden Blooms

People say we have no seasons in Southern California. While we don't get many weather extremes, we definitely have a bounty of plants in bloom throughout the year.

March 21st was the first day of spring. Since then I've been noticing tiny buds, blooms and sprouts all over my garden. Here are some for you to also enjoy.

rosa bianca eggplant sprouting from seed
There is joy in watching plants grow from the ground up. Part of the satisfaction of gardening for me is to watch a plant grow from seed or clippings, then eventually bloom.

double tuberose sprouting from bulb

pumelo blossom

lemon blossom

lemon growing (lower right)

tiny grapes


blooming daisies


daffodils from bulbs

amaryllis from bulb


black eyed Susan

black eyed Susan


succulent blooming



red poppies

curry leaf plant


passion flower

bitter melon plant, tendrils attaching

houseplant with new leaves

several new leaves on succulent (indoors)



jacaranda tree

jacaranda tree

I will be posting more garden shots of these little blooms as they grow. What have you been growing this spring?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the last jacaranda pic. Makes for a nice wallpaper.

  2. Good idea, exxekhan! This tree is from the family garden. Perhaps you recognize it...

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