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Urth Caffe's Latte Foam Art

Recently on a late night search for a refreshing beverage, my friend Michael 'yelped' the downtown L.A. Arts District branch of Urth Caffe. They are well known for their organic tea, coffee and food as well as their designer foam art.

Urth Caffee - Spanish Latte with Hello Kitty foam
According to Yelp reviews, they specialized in cute animals and animal heads. I opted for their signature Spanish Latte, extra hot, and proceeded to watch the barista in awe as he hand poured the foam above the coffee and used a toothpick to hand draw this adorable Hello Kitty head.

Urth Caffe - Spanish Latte after first sip
It's not perfect, but better than I expected. The art seems to pop more against their green tea lattes, but looked great with the coffee backdrop.

Luckily the drink came extra hot because I spent a good 2-3 minutes staring and it and smiling before I took my first sip. The Hello Kitty head partially vanished into my tummy, which just makes me want to go back and try more.

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  1. The first picture is excellent. Who took it?

    Uhhhh... that's all I've got.

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