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Recent Finds: Waterloo & City - Comforting & Exciting

During the recent DineLA week in Los Angeles, where diners can enjoy 3-course meals for lunch or dinner at an often discounted price, I visited some favorites and tried something new.

Waterloo & City, the British gastropub named after a London underground railway line, has never disappointed. This time it even exceeded my satisfaction from prior visits. Their DineLA menu highlighted some of Chef Brendan Collins' new menu items.

Waterloo & City - caesar salad

As a starter I ordered the caesar salad in an effort to keep things light, keeping room for the hearty main course and desserts. This inventive presentation and classical tasting caesar salad with poached organic egg, dried prosciutto, anchovies and the wrap-around crouton turned my head as the server walked by me with it. I was thrilled when he placed it in front of me. 

Waterloo & City - caesar salad. Click on photo to enlarge.

Despite its modern look, it tasted traditional, familiar and comforting. The modern touches were subtle, such as the poached egg yolk running into the dressing adding a new level of creaminess.

Waterloo & City - Prime Beef and Bone Marrow Pie

I love marrow, almost never passing it up on a menu. Having said that, each choice on this menu was equally appealing. The entree of prime beef and bone marrow pie with a silky, creamy potato puree really hit the spot.

From the title, I expected a beef pie with some marrow mixed into the filling. This golden crust with a bone marrow and tiny spoon perched in the middle was another delightful surprise.

Waterloo & City - Prime Beef and Bone Marrow Pie

After devouring the marrow and lifting the bone out, some of the marrow melted into the filling, adding even more flavor. In a pot pie situation, one expects slow cooked slightly mushy filling. This finely shredded beef tasted bright and was complimented by finely diced, still firm carrots, potatoes, peas and other vegetables.

Nobody in the table was able to get more than halfway done with the pie, but it tasted almost as great reheated the next evening.

I wrote another post about three rounded shaped comfort foods. Here are two more winners to add to that theme. Can't wait for the next trip to try Chef Collins' other creations.

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  1. Andi? says:

    Oh man. Have to try that bone marrow pie.

  2. Andi?, You will NOT be disappointed with that pie. Comfort food at its finest. Soulful yet refined.

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