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Come On In: Mozzarella Many Ways at Obika

It has been a pleasure discovering Obika last summer, shortly after a branch of this Roman Mozzarella Bar opened in the Westfield Century City Mall. I'm not much of a mall person, but my prejudices about mall food crumbled after the first tasting at Obika.

Obika - Cases containing Delicata and Affumicata (Smoked) Mozarrella Balls

Obika's handmade Mozzarella di Bufala Campagna, handmade from water buffalo milk, is directly imported three times per week from selected Italian producers. My first visit was during the aperitivo time, consisting of several tastings along with Italian wine from their menu. The second visit was during the recent DineLA.

The chalkboard menu at this branch of the Roman Mozzarella Bar explains that Obika comes from a Neapolitan phrase roughly meaning "Come on in. Here it is." So please enjoy this sampling of highlights from both visits.

Obika - Mozzarella Di Bufala Rolls
Obika - Fried Breaded Mozzarella Di Bufala
Obika - Detail of Fried Mozzarella and Stracciatella di Burrata
Obika - Stracciatella di Burrata With Cured Meats
Obika - Warm Crostini with N'duja di Calabria (spice pate)
Obika - Burratta e Spinaci

The star of this dish, the burratta, was served with butter sauteed spinach topped with parmigiano reggiano, served on a crostini. The greens added a fresh, earthy texture to accompany the creamy cheese.

The duos of pasta consisted of Schiaffoni di Gragnano with tomato and basil sauce and mozzarella di bufala Campagna DOP. On the right is trofie pasta with fresh, homemade basil pesto.

The dessert trio contained a chocolate and nutty torta caprese, a sweet and salty mousse di ricotta with pine nuts, honey and golden raisins. And finally, a light tiramisu. A sweet ending to a charming meal.

Obika - Duo di Paste and Trio di Dolci

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wasima!!! The pasta looks wowsome! Oh and burratta. And prosciuto! Haven't had burratta for the longest ;( With import tax and all, a piece costs more than 25 bux here in Japan if you are lucky enough to find one. I should aim dinela week to go and visit you, huh? Miho

  2. Thanks, Miho. You were definitely missed during the second visit! It would be sad to live without burrata. A few years ago it was not readily available but now I've even seen it at Costco and Trader Joe's (domestically produced). Obika's imported burrata is fantastic.

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