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Travel Signs and Products

I'm beside myself realizing I haven't posted the entire month of May. Rest assured, I missed blogging. However, on top of my demanding work schedule (including travel) I opted to take 2 courses and also study and take an exam for a new professional certification.

One of the courses involved tapping into your creativity, and that brings me back to this passion of writing and visual storytelling.

A huge hobby hobby, and something I invariably do on each trip to a new place, is photograph interesting signs. I also love taking photos of interesting product packaging from around the world.

Here are a few of my favorites signs along the way.

Maui - US

Haleakala - Turn on headlights in clouds
Please Respect The Land - Leave Only Footprints
Use Low Gear, Cows Next 8 Miles
Nene Crossing Next 10 Miles
Haleakala - Caution Walk slowly at this elevation
Kula - Do Not Climb Trees Do Not Pick Fruit Mahalo

Mexico City - Mexico

Paso Peatonal

Antigua - Guatemala

Cafe No Se (translates to Not Coffee - it is actually a mezcal bar)
Santa Chivta (translates to Holy Little Goat)

hotel concierge spelling my name Wasima as Wuoshima

Vancouver - Canada

KFC - The Taste of Asia flavor
Royal Cheese - Canadian Quarter Pounder
(French Royale with Cheese mentioned on Pulp Fiction)

McDonald's with maple leaf
Denny's with maple leaf
me "holding" fetus
Granville Island - trolley and bus stop

Los Angeles - US

Korean Tacos in Korea Town
sushi and sashimi only in Little Tokyo
Diesel store window display of woman with pet muscle men, in Pasadena
Do Not Pick Roses - Tournament of Roses Headquarters, Pasadena
Don't Throw Cigrettes on Floor - at Jitlada Thai restaurant
mural at Guelaguetza restaurant - translates to
"If beauty were a sin, you have no forgiveness from God"
Disnelyand restroom sign, hand washing tips - Wet hands and apply soap.
Scrub hands and rinse.  Dry hands thoroughly using paper towels.
Disneyland - Here you leave today and enter the
world of yesterday , tomorrow and fantasy
Disneyland Toontown - Wrong Turn O.K.
Rivera restaurant - plates with chile powder stenciled signs
friend's party in Santa Monica - Today's Bartender sign on mirror
Hollywood Hills - sign to the sign
Silverlake - Please...No Butts
The Feeding of Peafowl is Prohibited
The Shambala Preserve -  Acton, CA - Tiger Crossing, Big Cat Xing
The Shambala Preserve -  Acton, CA - Caution, Unpredictable Disposition
The Shambala Preserve -  Acton, CA - Warning Wild Animals,
Precaucion Animales Sauvages
Don't Eat Me!

Las Vegas - US

Las Vegas - Stardust Hotel sign
private holiday party - sign from the dogs
mermaid plaque on building at Downtown LA

Los Angeles / Baja California

Tijuana border
Sign to Mexico border entrance from parking lot
U-turn to USA sign at Mexico border
sign on bus - guns and cigarettes prohibdo
Tijuana - no pizza, taco, margarita or wine and no dogs at taqueria
Mexico - translates to Children Playing
Tijuana store - Say No to Drugs. Say Yes to Tacos tshirt
Artesanta Liquida Runaway IPA - hecho en Mexico
No Loitering. 30 Minute Time Sitting Limit
With Food Purchase Only - Tijuana taqueria

Dublin & other parts - Ireland

flight arrival and departures - at airport
Guinness is Good For You sign
Tesco - sale sign (cutting Euros)
Dublin - no bikes on path sign
Ring of Kerry - sign to the beach
Sneem - welcome the visitor and listing all the offerings
Matchmaking Festival for singles. All September.
No Wake Up Calls Please - on trash bin
Look, at street crossing
Bed and Breakfast. Keenest Prices. Vacancies.
Guinness Storehouse - Notice: These steps are not to be used
by Guinness employees or  hired men, even for sitting. Beer mugs
must not be left on these steps. Empties should be returned to
the tar. By order.
Good food, good drink and good craic - at Pub in Killarney. Craic or
"crack" is an Irish term for enjoyable converstation and fun. 
To the Loos. Ladies. Gents. - sign in Killarney pub
Cliffs of Moher - do not climb over wall.

Cliffs of Moher - do not walk on grass fields.
Cliffs of Moher - danger of falling off cliff.
Cliffs of Moher - mail and photos.

Cliffs of Moher - Extreme Danger!
Set Down Only - on castle grounds
Careful. Duck Crossing. - on castle grounds
Smokers Area - on castle grounds
handicapped accessible restroom - on castle grounds, golf course
Ladies Leisure Changing Rooms - on castle grounds, golf course

street sign - all arrows pointing to middle
ladies' restroom - on castle grounds
gents' restroom - on castle grounds

walking trail - on castle grounds


Tibet Snow face cream - claims include: "Keeps
faces charming and fascinating...keeps off dust".
Bollywood Baby Food, from Bristol Farms grocery store
Kaiser Permanente "thrive" branded bandage. Nice touch after flu shot.

If you have any fun signs you know of or have photographed, I'd love to see them as well.

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