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Jury Duty in Downtown L.A. - Part 1

The past month my whole schedule has been out of whack, between debilitating allergies that hit me every spring and serving on jury duty in the L.A. criminal courthouse. While in hours, it's not as busy as my 'normal' work week, it really changes the mental routine making it hard to focus on things like this blog.

Being in downtown has been fun. Since working there has been a fantasy of mine, and I never worked in that area, my rather long lunch breaks have been spent enjoying on foot many downtown attractions.

Downtown Mar12_Disney Concert Hall a

Downtown Mar13_Disney Concert Hall a

Downtown Mar12_Disney Concert Hall e

One of my favorite buildings there, or anywhere, is the Walt Disney Concert Hall, an international architectural landmark designed by architect Frank Gehry

This magical 3.6-acre complex truly stands as a creative gem in this town.

 Downtown Mar13_Disney Concert Hall b

No two angles of the stainless steel curved exterior look the same.

Downtown Mar12_Disney Concert Hall c

Downtown Mar12_Disney Concert Hall g

Downtown Mar13_Disney Concert Hall c 

Jurors park in this building so although I've photographed and visited it many times, it's been lovely to admire it daily and in different types of light.

Downtown Mar13_Disney Concert Hall d

Downtown Mar13_Disney Concert Hall e

Downtown Feb13_Disney Concert Hall l

Downtown Mar13_Disney Concert Hall f

Home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the wood-paneled auditorium (which is not open to the public) is known to possess state of the art acoustics.

Downtown Mar13_Disney Concert Hall g

The soft, recessed lighting throughout the interior resemble stars.

Downtown Feb13_Disney Concert Hall j

Downtown Feb13_Disney Concert Hall k

The interior contains just the right pops of color, providing dramatic impact. Whether the blue glass, the warm wood or the bright red walls and ceilings as one descends to the parking lot, the white and steel grey are nicely broken up with color as well as the earthy stone floors.

Downtown Mar12_Disney Concert Hall e

The front open seating area is covered by lots of sharp angles.

Downtown Mar13_Disney Concert Hall h

The shiny surface still looked stunning covered in raindrops.

Downtown Mar13_Disney Concert Hall i

People driving by do not always see the rear of the building, with the shinier metal components (along Hope Street)...

Downtown Mar13_Disney Concert Hall j

Or the side (along 2nd Street) REDCAT - Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater,  CalArts' Downtown Center for Contemporary Arts. I photographed these areas from my car during the rain, which you can see in the shots.

The next post will continue with downtown sights.

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