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Milo and Olive's Heavenly Wood Fired Garlic Knot

Over the past several months, probably after LA Times Food Writer, Jonathan Gold's review of Milo and Olive, I saw photos of their popular Wood Fired Garlic Knot all over the media.

MiloAndOlive Aug12_garlic knot a
Garlic Knot straight out of the wood fired oven
While I adore warm bread and garlic, I reserve my carb intake for special items that are worthy of the splurge. The knot sounded great, but it looked like a larger version of the little garlic knots you see in pizza places, made out of the pizza dough. What was the big deal? But then again, they are a creation by Restaurateur and Pastry Chef Zoe Nathan.

I also don't spend much time in the Westside of L.A. like I used to (when I lived there...), but one weeknight I found myself going out to meet friends in Venice who were visiting from out of the country.

There was a bit of time to kill and I hadn't eaten since breakfast. Driving through Santa Monica I saw Milo and Olive, a very popular and trendy restaurant. I decided to go in to check out their bakery.

MiloAndOlive Aug12_garlic knot b
Top bump taken off the knot - nice and crunchy. And comes in a large cup
Milo and Olive was wall to wall people, 2 hours for a table, the counter/bar was packed to the gills. Because they were so busy I doubted they'd let me order just the knot to go, but I asked anyway and they obliged happily. At $6.50 for 1 knot, it had to be good.

They told me there would be a 20 minute wait since each knot is made to order. I went off to grab a cup of coffee, and walked back in just before the 20 minutes were up.

MiloAndOlive Aug12_garlic knot c
String holding top of knot in place, drenched in garlic oil. Almost wanted to eat that too!
They packed the knot very nicely to go and since I had to leave for Venice in a few minutes, I just devoured it in the car. And trust me, I rarely eat in the car, especially food that's dripping with oil.

MiloAndOlive Aug12_garlic knot e
Avalanche of roasted garlic (much milder than raw), herbs and of course, steam
It's hard to believe that dough, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt can turn into this magical concoction. It surpassed all my expectations. In addition to being a great carb splurge, it's a garlic lover's paradise!

MiloAndOlive Aug12_garlic knot d
Bottom of the cup after finishing the whole garlic knot. Plenty of garlic infused oil to spare, after dipping
Definitely worth a try. Or several.

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