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South Pasadena Beautiful's Garden Tour

Once a year, a volunteer organization called South Pasadena Beautiful organizes a Garden Tour. It's a wonderful event to help encourage pride in the community and keep beautifying the city of South Pasadena, California. This year's tour was the 42nd Annual Garden Tour.

South Pas GardenTour Apr12_California lilac with ladybug a
California lilacs with ladybug - from 4th house on the tour
This past spring, the tour covered the Oaklawn Subdivision, also formerly called Suburb de Luxe. At the base of the street at Oaklawn and Columbia, Henry and Charles Greene designed the portals, as well as many of the homes.

South Pas GardenTour Apr12_plant swap a
plant swap
South Pas GardenTour Apr12_plant swap b
plant swap
The first stop of the self-guided tour is a Plant Swap, where one can bring a plant and take a new one home. The selection was quite good, and the volunteers encouraged us to take many more plants and cuttings than we brought.

South Pas GardenTour Apr12_lavender and greens
environmentally friendly plants
The next house showcased a newly renovated porch, custom built with period designs. The objective for the garden is to introduce drought tolerant perennials, shade plants, ornamental grasses, flowers and citrus trees.

South Pas GardenTour Apr12_kumquats
kumquat tree
The 2nd home, owned by a Landscape Architect, improved upon the inefficient irrigation system, changing it to a drip system, and planting a succulent garden.

South Pas GardenTour Apr12_blood oranges cut flowers
flowers and blood oranges
South Pas GardenTour Apr12_blood orange
blood orange
South Pas GardenTour Apr12_blood orange jam
blood orange marmalade
While we were admiring the kumquats, the home owner, who was tending to his flowers, came out and talked about all the citrus he'd been growing and techniques employed.

He cut me a couple of blood oranges with beautiful colors, and even invited us into his kitchen to taste the British style blood orange marmalade he made.

The marmalade tasted extremely tart, which I enjoy, but the fresh blood oranges had the best taste, most juice and best color of any blood orange I've ever tasted.

South Pas GardenTour Apr12_roses with bee
roses with bee
South Pas GardenTour Apr12_roses
South Pas GardenTour Apr12_hammock little boy
backyard hammock
The 3rd house reflects the owner's lovingly tended garden, which she began restoring herself in 1975. The same gardener also tended to the garden during this entire time. The front yard was redesigned with new pathways and plants. The joy and calm spirit of their work reflects on the garden

South Pas GardenTour Apr12_irises lavender
irises and lavender on front lawn
South Pas GardenTour Apr12_bougainvillea
bougainvillea and bamboo
South Pas GardenTour Apr12_garden from top
sunken garden
The 4th home sits on almost an acre of land. There is a "side garden" adjacent to an outdoor kitchen and pool, and a sunken "rear garden", which is a lovely surprise. The owner imported seeds and cuttings from all over the world to add to this garden.

South Pas GardenTour Apr12_kangaroo paw pot
kangaroo paws
The lush garden contains two ponds, one with a waterwheel, stone lined paths and various terraced areas at different heights. The garden also contains several large California Oak trees. The garden takes one to a different time and place.

South Pas GardenTour Apr12_stone incinerator
original incinerator
South Pas GardenTour Apr12_tree bark 1
tree trunk
Overall the historic street with architecturally significant houses that retain their traditional charm also transform to meet the current environmental needs. It was delightful to see these works in progress.

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