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Wang Xing Ji Juicy Dumpling & Dessert at Ozero

Wang Xing Ji is the first American branch of a popular, almost a century old dumpling house near Shanghai.

Tucked away on the 2nd floor of the Focus Plaza in San Gabriel, it takes some diligence to find the fairly small store front.

Wang Xing Ji May12_juicy pork and shrimp dumpling

L.A. Times Restaurant Critic Jonathan Gold reviewed this restaurant back in April this year, likening the extremely large xiao long bao, or juicy dumplings, to water balloons, or hand grenades!

After seeing photos of fellow foodies sipping the dumpling broth with straws, it became a high priority on the food trying list.

Wang Xing Ji May12_window to kitchen

Upon entering the very full dining room, the server hands you a menu much like a checklist sushi menu. Their specialties are indicated by a thumbs up logo.

The rest of the items we tried on the menu, which is known for its sweet flavored savory dishes, didn't 'wow' me. Not bad but not memorable. I enjoyed the crispy scallion pancake, which is hard to mess up, although it has been done.

Wang Xing Ji May12_juicy crab and pork bun_a

The main event, the crab and pork bun comes in its own steamer 
sticky broth, served with a colorful boba straw. As usual, Jonathan Gold was right on the money, saying you feel slightly vampiric puncturing the dumpling and sipping the hot crab broth out.

Wang Xing Ji May12_juicy crab and pork bun_b

Wang Xing Ji May12_juicy crab and pork bun_c

The very rich, deeply layered almost sticky broth packs quite a flavor punch. The wrapper feels a little thicker than other juicy dumplings I've had, such as the ones in the very popular Din Tai Fung.

Wang Xing Ji May12_juicy crab and pork bun_d

This makes total sense, as the first 1-2 minutes after being served the dumpling, you try to figure out how to lift it with the much smaller spoon. Chopsticks are too pointy. It's almost like working with a delicate souffle.

Experiencing this juicy dumpling is well worth the $5 or so you pay for it. I'd definitely enjoy trying it again.

After seeing and using the boba straw, I craved boba of course.

Ozero May12_boba milk tea carmelized brown sugar

After having such savory bites, we went to Ozero by Cofftea in Alhambra to enjoy some tasty beverages and share a dessert.

The mug contains a frothy boba milk tea with caramelized brown sugar. A bit sweet for my taste, the rich flavors work well with the chewy boba, one of the best in the area in my opinion.

And because that wasn't sweet or rich enough (kidding of course), we shared this condensed milk brick toast, charmingly adorned with chocolate sauce and sprinkles, spelling out the cafe's name.

Ozero May12_condensed milk brick toast_a

Ozero May12_condensed milk brick toast_b

The side view particularly does this toast justice as you can see the condensed milk pooling in the center. Lovely for the eyes and the tastebuds.

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