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Comfort Carbs at Heirloom Bakery and Cafe

South Pasadena doesn't get credit for some of the solid food establishments it contains. It's not exactly the international food capital of L.A., but there are some highlights.

Another local comfort food favorite of mine, the Heirloom Bakery and Cafe, in the Mission West area is a very convenient snack, breakfast or lunch stop adjacent to the Gold Line train station.


On my first visit, I noticed this large tray in the glass case with these cubes of mac and cheese.




After taking it home, smashing it with a fork and heating it up 2 minutes in the microwave, I had this comforting bowl of warm bubbling mac and cheese, complete with bread crumb topping.

It's surprising how much volume that cube grows into once smashed and heated. The pasta is al dente with gourmet cheese flavors.


The quiches, or at least the mushroom/spinach/parmesan quiche pictured here taste very savory, light and fluffy. They come whole or cut into these very generous slices.


This gorgeous multi-layered banana and chocolate cake looks like the perfect slice of cake in my head. The flavors remain subtle, natural and not overly sweet.


With the ubiquitous cupcakes, especially the red velvet, it's hard to stand out. I particularly loved the presentation of this one with delicately piped frosting and a lovely red rose petal as garnish. Simple and elegant.


In the cupcake department, one can't do much better than their Hostess inspired cupcake. I love the way they packed it upside down in this plastic container - very smart.


I've had several grown-up versions of the highly processed Hostess cakes that I loved as a child but can barely tolerate as an adult.

This one looks and tastes the best, in my opinion, and also wins in the moistness category.


The advantage of taking it home is being able to enjoy it out on the patio, in the sun. The smooth as silk chocolate ganache, moist cake and marshmallow cream filling satisfy every sweet craving imaginable.


All in all, this bakery and cafe provides a fantastic tucked away (on Meridian Avenue rather than on Mission) retreat for when you crave those comforting carbs.

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