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Comfort Carbs at Great Harvest Bread Co

Like many people these days, in my daily diet I limit my carb intake. When I indulge, it really has to count. That doesn't mean the carbs have to be decadent.

At Great Harvest Bread Company, located in South Pasadena, and many other franchise locations, you can eat your hand-crafted bread and feel good about it.

Each day, they take high-protein wheat kernels from their farmer partners in Montana and stone grind it on a stone mill into fresh whole grain flour.

Within 48 hours the flour gets baked into fresh, nutritious and tasty baked goods. In the morning from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. they serve up hot out of the oven breads.

The chalkboard menu in the store indicates the offerings of the day. You can also pick up a flyer in the store or join their mailing list from the website to hear about specials.

Although I often overlook the flyers into the case of sample breads that they offer for tastings. They will cut you a whole slice to enjoy right away.

In addition to breads, they serve cookies, muffins, scones and other extras. Inside the bakery one can find enticing pancake/baking mixes, kitchen accessories, and recently I picked up some E. Waldo Ward preserves.

One regularly available item I like to pick up for breakfast is their berry cream cheese scone. If you've had the hard and dry scones and didn't like them, try these. 

Crunchy and browned on the outside, the juicy berries and cream cheese add just enough moisture inside to balance it out. Rather than a grainy texture, the stone ground flour imparts a slightly nutty and smooth taste.

I rarely stray from this flavor but have tired their cinnamon chip scone also.

Among their sandwich offerings I discovered this gem of a grilled cheese sandwich. You pick your bread, of course. I go with the Dakota, multi-grain bread,  with a seed-coated crust. Just look at the grill marks on the bread!

They melt in a generous selection of cheeses along with Boursin garlic and fine herb cheese spread which adds even more great flavor. The cheese invariably comes perfectly melted and gushing out.

And they even serve this savory treat with an Andes chocolate mint.

Along with the carbs, the cheese has taken a reduced role in my diet due to recent lactose digestion issues. But when I need the solid comfort of a grilled cheese, this one appeals to every sense.

The flavors in this sandwich form a very 'adult' flavor, not your childhood Kraft single wrapped cheese on white bread with the crusts cut off. Hearty and satisfying.

Stay tuned for a more comfort carb recommendations.

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