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More Pacific Cheesecake Co Tasting

My last post on Pacific Cheesecake Co, which you can find at this link, extensively covered this great bakery.

Why am I doing a 2nd post? Because they are that good. And now I can focus on the savory flavors properly.

Last weekend I hosted a tasting event through Pleasure Palate in order to sample more of their flavors.

I won't repeat any background information but let's go straight to the cheesecake.

Our menu of tastings in whole form

The flavors we sampled:

  • red velvet - one of their most popular, yet not complex enough for me; still can't turn down cream cheese frosting!
  • white chocolate salted caramel - wonderful sweet + salty
  • sweet lemon basil - sublime, the group's favorite by majority
  • cinnamon coffee cake - unexpected, delicious combo
  • malted chocolate - very malty (in a good way), not too sweet
  • chocolate covered banana - their best seller, not surprisingly; delicious, garnished with salted roasted peanuts
  • orangecicle chocolate chip - divine combination; fresh orange zest adds a pop of fresh flavor
  • pumpkin - even those who don't like pumpkin pie liked this
  • Boston cream - a delicious extra treat thrown in by Karen; the custard and rich fudge makes it.

Flavors being offered at the bakery on that day

The savory tastings
And now we get to the savories.

On the left, savory feta and herb biscotti, more light and crumbly than typical biscotti since it's not meant to dip into coffee or anything. 

We ate the cakes with water crackers, but they are just as good on their own.

To the left, Pancetta Date. Creamy cheesecake, crispy pancetta, chopped dates and shallots, rolled in toasted cracker crumb. A bit sweeter than I expected, but solid flavor.

To the right, Gorgonzola Apricot. Creamy gorgonzola cheesecake, dried apricot, toasted cracker crumb and excellent spice seasoning. 

On very warm day, with partial shade, we were still very happy with these bountiful offerings. 

Thanks to our hosts for having us and helping make this event delightful.

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