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Food find: Ube Milkshake at Oinkster

the satisfying, decadent ube milkshake at Oinkster
Andre Guerero's Oinkster is a great place to have in the neighborhood. As the "Slow fast food" sign indicates, it's great chef quality comfort food. It has a great mid-century diner vibe and it is just as easy to pick up a takeout order. 

While Oinkster is known for its pulled pork, burgers, rotisserie chicken, pastrami, Belgian fries and house-made ketchup, each time I've been there there seems to be even more discoveries. I really appreciate its happy hour menu and drink specials and have ordered a side of plantains to go on days that required warm, carmilized, steamy plantains. 

More recently I got to try the decadent ube milkshake. As soon as a I got my shake I set it down beside the horsetail planters around the shop to take this picture. The purplish color barely shows in this shot, but trust me, the shake is pure purple.

This shake has been covered extensively online yet when it was handed to me in its glorious, natural lavender hue, it deserved another shout out. The shakes are made with Fosselman's ice cream and fresh ube. They are rich, thick with a slight bite from the bits of ube in there. You feel a little better about yourself because there are 'veges' in your drink....

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