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Maui Series: Makena Landing Beach Park

Our recent family trip to Maui was full of beach time. One beach really stood out to be blissfully relaxing. Makena Landing Beach lies along the south shore bay and is the first of four beaches to be located along Makena Road. The water is known to be cloudy after a 1999 storm killed off the coral reef. The shore is rocky with a small strip of sand that feels like talcum powder between one's toes. There is no snorkeling, diving, lifeguard or facilities.

This makes for a serene beach experience of watching and listening to the fluctuating tides and breathing in the negative ions in the ocean air. It provides a great mood lift.

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We topped off this incredible beach with a sunset stroll through Cove Park Beach in Kihei. Stay tuned for more of the Maui series.


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